It takes a lot to make the kinds of molds you need. Hard work, sure. Steel and wires and manifolds, of course. But none of that would matter without a lot of brainpower – without smart people who think about maintenance even before they start up the CAD software. Or industry experts who understand that innovation isn’t about flashy technology, but about solving problems and increasing efficiency.

We’re happy to tell you about our approach to designing, building and maintaining injection molds – just keep reading. But the reality is we’re thinking about all of it, all the time. Because we’re always focused on the finished product. And we know that the most important question is always, “How can we make this better?”


It all starts with you. What’s your product? What’s the quantity? What are your goals? We’ll look at your product model, create a preliminary design and then refine, refine and refine to perfection.

Along the way, we’re asking even more questions: Has this ever been done before? If so, how can we do it better? If not, how can we make it happen? How will this design actually function in the real world? How does the type of plastic impact our choice of insert material? Where should we put holes and connections to allow for easy access?

Every decision made at the design stage affects every product that will eventually come out of the mold. So we give every one that attention it deserves.


We’d make nothing without our machines; we would truly be nothing without our people – skilled craftsmen who are perfectly comfortable (and extremely adept at) providing input into and improving design, but really can’t wait to get started shaping and measuring and polishing and perfecting.

There are multiple quality inspections at every step, for every part. There’s handwork to check for fit and finish. There’s full-scale assembly to ensure that pieces designed to function like clockwork actually do. There are gage blocks and pipe gages. CMM machines and micrometers. All overseen by many pairs of eagle eyes.

All so that the mold that looked so good on paper is just as impressive on the production line.


Even after all the designing and building, we know that our job doesn’t end when your mold leaves our plant. Producing beautiful plastic parts is one thing; doing it with a mold that’s hard to access, or difficult to polish, or impossible to put back together – well, that’s simply not acceptable.

Which is why when we make a mold, we’re not just thinking about the parts that’ll come out of it. We’re considering the people down the road who’ll have to deal with it. We want to keep your maintenance crew happy. Because that keeps you happy. And selfishly, that keeps you coming back to us for more.